Sailing to an Off-grid private [...]
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Owner: Sailing Doodles

Sailing to an Off-grid private island in Belize


Location: Belize
Latitude: 17.19000000
Longitude: -88.50000000
Published: 28 Sep 2023

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We sailed from Placencia Belize in a Loepard 40 ft catamaran to the privately own island of North Saddle Caye where the Paraiba Cove Resort is being built. We were given a private tour by the manager and caretaker of the resort. The island is totally off-grid with 60 kilowatts of solar panels, 8 tesla power walls, 10,000 gallons of rain water cisterns and a reverse osmosis water maker. The resort can sleep 24 guests and has 5 infinity pools amoung 4 villas.

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