Sailing in Okinawa #11 -- Cybe [...]
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Owner: Sailing In Okinawa

Sailing in Okinawa #11 -- Cyber Sailors


Location: Ginowan Marina
Latitude: 26.28000000
Longitude: 127.73000000
Published: 23 Jul 2022

In this episode I introduce many of the people I've met on the 'net then in person and sailed with them in Okinawa. We also introduce part 1 of a 3 story about Kris who lived on my boat Knotty Girl for three weeks at Ginowan Marina.
All the music in this video was created using Apple Loops in Garage Band by Adam Johnston.
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このエピソードでは、私がネット上で出会い、実際に会って、沖縄で一緒にセーリングした人たちをたくさん紹介しています。また、宜野湾マリーナで3週間、私のボートKnotty Girlに住んでいたKrisの3つのストーリーのうち、パート1を紹介します。
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