AMAZING encounter with BABY WH [...]
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AMAZING encounter with BABY WHALE (Learning By Doing Ep189)


Location: Whitsundays
Latitude: -20.06000000
Longitude: 148.88000000
Published: 12 Aug 2022

Finally! After a long wait we finally get a break in the weather and sail ton the outer Great Barrier Reef. I'd been telling Marie of the wonders of this place for so long and finally she could experience it with me. We had perfect conditions, we could sail all the way out then had calms for 3 days then good winds picking up to carry us back to the coast again. And it was warm!
We sailed past maybe 30 whales on the way out, just amazing, we also caught 3 tuna but I released them all. Out on the reef it was so calm we pumped up the Indiana SUP's and even had a very close encounter with a whale while paddling.

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