Epic Solo Adventure: Thrilling [...]
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Epic Solo Adventure: Thrilling Encounter With A Massive Crocodile - Learning By Experience Ep246!


Location: Australia
Latitude: -25.27000000
Longitude: 133.78000000
Published: 10 Nov 2023

#sailing #solosailing #solotravel
Sailing the 800 miles from Thursday Island to Darwin alone will be the biggest challenge I've faced yet since owning Trade Runner. I've done plenty of solo passages before and actually really enjoy them but so far only on Mono-hulls. Catamarans in my eyes are slightly more challenging to sail solo as the loads are so much greater. When a squall hits the boat cant just heel over to relieve the pressure like a mono would, so I need to be aware of that. Sailing more conservatively while sleeping and pushing more while awake.
Join me for this passage across one the most remote places in Australia.
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