The DAMAGE was NOT as bad as I [...]
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The DAMAGE was NOT as bad as I thought!


Location: Townsville
Latitude: -19.26000000
Longitude: 146.82000000
Published: 12 Sep 2023

@Collision @propspeed @Australia

Boat yards are never fun but when its an unplanned and unwanted haul out its even less enjoyable. Because Trade Runner was damaged in a collision this work needed to be done before I could continue on to Indonesia.

I was alone for the most part but the work went by very well, better than I had even expected and the best part was that the damage to the bow was no way as bad as I'd first thought! The broken daggerboard came together very well also and is now as good as new.
The collision was a major bummer but the silver lining was than now Trade runner has new antifoul, new cutlass bearing and dripless seals, a patched up paint job and many other small improvements.

She's ready for the long voyage ahead.

Thanks for watching.

00:00 Intro
00:40 Going through the travel lifters with 25+ knots and haul out
04:20 Cleaning and dry docking
05:03 Preparation to fix the daggerboard
08:12 Antifoul sanding and prep
09:04 Changing the cutlass bearing
11:06 Collision damages check-up
13:45 Antifouling paint
17:54 How to apply Propspeed
21:32 Last jobs in pictures : Daggerboard fixed
22:52 Last jobs in pictures : Bow fixed
23:34 Back in the water
24:13 Feed backs and thoughts about the collision after all

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