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Owner: Sailing Life on Mars

Life on the Hook is Complicated | Sailing Life on Mars V9


Location: Fajardo
Latitude: 18.33000000
Longitude: -65.65000000
Published: 1 May 2022

We take our boat out for the first time by ourselves and motor from San Juan to Fajardo, anchoring out near Isleta Marina. It turns out life on the hook is more complicated than we thought.

We're the Stevens family. We quit our jobs, sold everything we own, and bought a sailboat in a foreign country with very little sailing experience.

Our focus is to experience challenges together as a family, live a sustainable, off-grid existence on our boat, and enjoy adventures in new places.

We aren't rich, and won't be able to do this forever. So our time out here is limited, and we want our children to have an account of their adventures when they are older. Our sailing vlog serves as a record of this special time in our lives.

Join us as we navigate new waters in our Knysna 440 catamaran, and experience with us the ups and downs of learning to live on the hook.

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