Ramsgate (UK) as never seen be [...]
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Owner: Sailing MV Lady Liselot

Ramsgate (UK) as never seen before, Pt2. 360 Virtual Reality VIDEO; S3/E16-b


Location: Ramsgate Tunnels
Latitude: 51.33000000
Longitude: 1.43000000
Published: 27 Jul 2023

If you do not understand the YouTube player, this video sucks...
So: Follow these steps for most fun and best results:
1. In the settings of YT Player, choose: "4k Video Quality"
2. Click your mouse/pointer/finger (hold) on the screen and move in any direction
3. More sophisticated option when using a smartphone: use your smartphone as a viewfinder and point that to the direction you want to see. (uhm, yes, this only works if you watch the video on your smartphone...)

I was looking for a way to get some of my video's out as soon as possible, without thou many hours of editing, so the moment I set foot in Ramsgate, The UK, I decided to do a walk along with the Insta 360 Camera.

I love to share this 360degrees Virtual Reality possibility on YouTube, and unfortunately I am not possible (yet) to integrate 360degrees views with regular footage, so for now I have to separate the recordings if I also wanna share the 360degrees experience with you.

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Yes, there will be a video report from me sailing from Blankenberge (Belgium) to Ramsgate, but this was the quickest way to share some stuff with you.


Thanks for coming along! Please leave any questions or comments below.
Ramsgate (UK) as never seen before, Pt2. 360 Virtual Reality VIDEO; S3/E17

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