SAIL a-LONG, AMSTERDAM's Stand [...]
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Owner: Sailing MV Lady Liselot

SAIL a-LONG, AMSTERDAM's Standing Mast Route. Sail Along Trawler Yacht MV Lady Liselot.


Location: Amsterdam
Latitude: 52.37000000
Longitude: 4.90000000
Published: 2 Feb 2023

Sail along with me for 1 hour when we follow the so called Standing Mast Route through the capitol of The Netherlands, AMSTERDAM. Be aware: just a LONG version, so only the footage of 4 camera's and relaxing music without narration.


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Living on a boat is medicine for my soul. Don't ask me why. It just feels that way.

SAIL a-LONG. This is a perfect video to relax, enjoy the beauty of boating aboard MV Lady Liselot and... fall asleep. This version has besides the Relaxing Music also Theta beats for an hour.

From the trips and journeys that I document and share, I have way more footage than I use. This SAIL a-LONG format is a perfect use of that footage, cause I realize that there are moments that you just wanna sit back and relax the view. All footage and sounds are shot on board of MV Lady Liselot.

This kind of video + sound is also called #whitenoise, #asmr, #relaxingvideo and you hear the #relaxingsound of the boat go through the water.

All videos from this SAIL a-LONG playlist are recommended if you suffer from insomnia and/or want to fall asleep with a boating scenery and nice sounds. The sounds of a sailing boat are also ideal for relaxing or studying.
Don't forget that it can also be useful for family or friends. Share the link of this video with them.
Enjoy the soothing sounds and images.