When Dark clouds disappear; Wh [...]
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Owner: Sailing MV Lady Liselot

When Dark clouds disappear; What, if everything is possible? The story behind MV Lady Liselot


Location: Kaag
Latitude: 52.22000000
Longitude: 4.56000000
Published: 4 Feb 2022

English: (Nederlands hieronder)
Wow, honestly I uploaded the first videos in mid-December 2021 for fun and had no intention of growing the channel. But apparently you like the content, as evidenced by the growing number of subscribers and comments. Thank you so much for that. Viewers asked me what 'drives' me (nice play on words). As answer to that I produced this video. This is my "Welcome to the channel"-video.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, entrust your thoughts to your keyboard and write words of praise. There are sometimes a bit of a nerds who has to give a sneer, and to him (I haven't had a woman who did that yet), I want to say: Watch what you look at: it's only/just footage I want you to see. I have not shown all the other (hours of film-) material, and that is a conscious choice.
Do you find horror movies scary? Know that the actor you're watching always had a camera- and a sound guy around, and a director was calling out orders. It's just a movie. Don't judge a book by the chapter you open it.

Weet je dat Nederlandse ondertiteling aan kan zetten? Doorgaans zo'n 4 uur nadat de video is gepubliceerd. Klik op de video, en kies uit de iconen die rechtsonder verschijnen dan voor [ondertiteling] en kies daar voor Nederlands. Dan wordt zelfs mijn Engels (knap he van YouTube) vertaald naar Nederlandsch.

Wow, eerlijk gezegd heb ik half december 2021 voor de lol de eerste video's geupload en had ik niet de bedoelijng om het kanaal te laten groeien. Maar blijkbaar slaat de content die ik maak aan, waardoor jij als kijker besluit om je te abonneren en in veel gevallen een reactie te posten. Super bedankt daarvoor. Omdat ik zowel hier als via de FB pagina van Lady Liselot de vraag kreeg wie ik nou eigenlijk ben en wat mij drijft (leuke woordspeling), heb ik deze introductie video gemaakt. Die plaats ik als intro-video op het kanaal.

Super bedankt voor het feit dat je de moeite neemt om te reageren, om je gedachten aan je toetsenbord toe te vertrouwen en lovende woorden te schrijven. Er zijn wel eens een minkukels tussen die een sneer moet uitdelen, en tegen hem (nog geen vrouw gehad die dat deed), wil ik dan zeggen: Let op waar je naar kijkt: het is allemaal beeldmateriaal waarvan IK wil dat je die ziet. Al het andere (uren film-) materiaal heb ik niet laten zien, en dat is een bewuste keuze.


Drone exploitation # NLDb3ifvjojaeg44-fs7

On Lady Liselot I use a CCTV Video Management System that took me a while to setup.
Mostly because I had an idea, but no knowledge how to set it up. I took me approximately 65 hours of testing with several camera's over a period of 2,5 months.
Now I have it running we both enjoy it. ;-)

I have set up and network system with a router.
I do have wifi, but the network for the cams is all cable.

The 3 camera's are so called PTZ - P(an) T(ilt) Z(oom). I hardly use zoom, but as you have seen I use the pan and tilt a lot. This is possible because it are IP camera's and each have an unique (hardwired) IP address (no DNS) in this network. Cams aboard Lady Liselot. Check them out on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3P5jFxP (but the silly thing is: these https://amzn.to/3T1AYB2 almost are alike).

We talk about 8MP (lately I record @ 3072x2048) video quality and up to 30fps.
In fact it's a security setup. The (smartphone) app's that can be used with these camera's send messages the moment a 'human' is detected. I have switched off all warning (of course).
Here you go! Buy these and let me earn some euro's on these affiliate-links.
* PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom, 8MP, 4K, POE IP)

I then tested serveral (free) V(ideo) M(anagement) S(ystem) software packages and most of these were difficult to use or did not give the result I wanted.
The brand of the cams is ANPVIZ and they have a free software package which in the surveillance world is called 'client software'. This package gives me to opportunity to set up 'presets'. In all my video's you hear me talk about these (numbered) presets.
How? Simple. With the PTZ 'button' you position the camera as you want it, then you press [add] and from that moment that position is now programmed.
But, this software is the first that worked fine both in recording (proof enough I think) and in 'live' the streaming towards the laptop in the wheelhouse.
Go download the "UC Client" on this page (shiiiiiit no affiliate): https://www.anpvizsecurity.com/software-tools-uprime-series-a00086a1.html
Another free VMS software package that works also fine is the sofware from anke. Go download the package you need: https://nl.annke.com/pages/download-center

The laptop is an 10 yo intel i7 laptop.