Sailing past 16th and 17th cen [...]
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Sailing past 16th and 17th century houses to the North of The Netherlands by Trawler, pt2; S2/E43


Location: Haarlem
Latitude: 52.39000000
Longitude: 4.65000000
Published: 5 Dec 2022

English: (Nederlandse ondertiteling hieronder)
Previous on Sailing MotorVessel Lady Liselot I decided to start a new tour and head for the city called Den Helder. Which is up in the North of The Netherlands. I left the Kagerlake area and my first stop was the city Lisse. In spring over 1 milion people from all over the world visit the world famous flower garden overthere. For me no flowers and bees this time, cause I had to post some productsamples for potentential customers. So after that, I started up the engines again, and left for the city Haarlem.

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Tijd voor een nieuwe tour, dus vaar met me mee naar Den Helder, maar voordat de reis echt van start gaat, moeten we nog even aandacht besteden aan de business.
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