Dangerous 4 hour Climb to the [...]
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Dangerous 4 hour Climb to the Waterfalls in Guadeloupe


Location: Guadeloupe
Latitude: 16.27000000
Longitude: -61.55000000
Published: 25 Jan 2024

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Les chutes du Carbet is a geological three tier waterfalls formation on the Carbet River in Guadeloupe, in the eastern Caribbean. Its in the middle of the tropical rainforests by the La Soufrière volcano. If there is renewed activity in the volcano, the trails are closed. Approximately 400,000 people visit the falls annually. There is a very small entrance fee. Details on each waterfall follow. We visited the Premier and the Second Waterfalls on our visit.

Premier Waterfall
377 ft drop
Trail - long and steep with plenty of rock climbing. 7 miles. Plan 6 hours for this hike. Very Difficult. Dangerous.
Elevation: 3000 ft. Gain during hike of 1400 ft.
Carbet River water source is located 1.2 miles upstream at a 4300 ft elevation.

Second Waterfall
360 ft drop
Trail - Conveniently accessible on a paver path only 20 minutes from parking. Your view is from an overlook deck.
Elevation: 2,200 ft.
If you visit, take time to also visit the Little Paradise Hot Spring, located nearby.

Third Waterfall
66 ft drop
Greatest water volume of any waterfall in Guadeloupe.
Trail - only accessible on foot to experienced climbers.

Trail details are here. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/guadeloupe/basse-terre/1ere-et-2eme-chutes-du-carbet

00:00 Introduction
00:10 Driving Rental Car to Chutes de Carbet
00:50 National Park arrival
01:05 Trail Hike Begins
03:08 Arrival at the Second Tier Waterfall
03:27 Hike/Rock climbing Resumes
05:30 Arrival at the Premier Tier Waterfall
06:21 Swimming at the Waterfall
07:20 The Hike Back
08:00 Banana fields

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