Sailing Grand Cayman, BWI - Ge [...]
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Sailing Grand Cayman, BWI - Georgetown, East End, Rum Point Cruising Guide EP26


Location: Grand Cayman
Latitude: 19.32000000
Longitude: -81.24000000
Published: 11 Jun 2019

Grand Cayman Cruising and Activities Guide was written during Winter 2019. We sailed down during the Christmas/New Year's Holiday. Here you will find all the activity details during our stay, in a daily log format. Our hope is that you decide to visit Grand Cayman and can use this guide to plan your own activities.

Pilar spent the Winter of 2019 in Grand Cayman. We visited several times to get away from the cold rain in North Carolina. Cayman is our tropical paradise. Having visited numerous times before on our Diving adventures, we knew the island well. This time, viewing things from our catamaran, we got quite a different perspective on things. We docked in Cayman Islands Yacht Club in West Bay, on the Seven Mile Beach side of the North Sound for 4 months.

We arrived January 3 (my birthday!) and while the boat stayed through April 22, we flew back and forth a few times to spend some time in beautiful, friendly, warm, sunny, safe Grand Cayman. This video covers highlights of a Girls' trip, a Just Us trip, and an adventure with couple friends.

Activities include:
Cayman Islands Yacht Club
Morgan's Seafood
Lobster Pot
Stingray City
Turtle Centre
Starfish Point
Rum Point
Bio Bay
East End
Spott's Bay
Eden Rock

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