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Sailing PILAR - Edisto South Carolina - Popping Shrimp - Monitoring Water Quality - EP47


Location: Edisto Island
Latitude: 32.55000000
Longitude: -80.30000000
Published: 13 Oct 2020

Fall is one of the best times to go sailing in South Carolina. Cooler temperatures are more comfortable, but the water is still warm enough for swimming. It’s high time for Shrimp, Oysters, Blue Crabs, Stone Crabs and more. Darkness comes earlier making it a perfect time for early evening moon gazing.

The last week of September, we sailed south just a few hours and anchored in Edisto, SC. We initially were in Edisto River while we waited out a storm with plenty of swing room, then made our way back to our new home for a few days in Big Bay Creek.

We hiked Edisto State Park, learned of the map markers placed by Benjamin Franklin’s grandson in 1849, and about the water quality monitoring that is done in the Ace Basin. We explored the creek systems, including the tidal creeks where you can only move your boat in and out at high tide, and got lucky to see shrimp popping and baitfish jumping at low tide.

We harvested oysters for appetizers one night, and Stephen caught a Spanish Mackerel which made up the rest of our meal. We walked the beach and Stephen explained the jetty system in use for littoral drift. We dined at the local Seafood Dive, Whaley’s. (Don’t expect much from restaurants – it’s all fried seafood).

On our sail home, we were elated to use a North wind to sail close hauled at 9 knots on an 18 knot wind.

Of course, no week on the boat would be complete without some projects. We went up the mast to diagnose our radar connectivity issues, put our Website Address sign on. In this video, you will also see our new fenders – white, hole through the center – that don’t mark up our hull anymore. We also show you our anchoring techniques and our new EZ-Snap Window Covering that keeps our helm station cooler.




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Master Captain: Stephen Bell
First Officer: Dawn Bell