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Owner: Sailing PILAR - Blue Dot Voyages

Winter 2020 - 38 repairs for the Boat Yard - Sailing on Blue Dot Voyages "Pilar" - EP43


Location: Thunderbolt
Latitude: 32.03000000
Longitude: -81.05000000
Published: 18 May 2020

We did some time in the winter of the Boat Yard. We accomplished a TON of boat projects - some mandatory and some that we just wanted to make our eventual full time life on board as comfortable as possible for us and our guests.

Intro 0:00
Haul-out of our 25 foot beam catamaran 3:33
Prop Performance discussion 4:15
Prop loose 5:06
Propspeed applied 6:45
Rudder loose - replacing bushings - before and after 8:54
Underwater lights repair 9:58
Leaking hatches discussion 10:16
Thunderbolt Boat Yard 13:00
Sail bag Repair 14:13
Spreader Wiring work14:20
Side Window replacement under the eyebrows 14:36
Gelcoat work including pattern matching 17:00
Stereo speakers replacement 17:35
Master Stateroom Bed Expansion 18:26
Salt Water Washdown added on Port Stern side 21:04
Adding more line clutches 23:23
Power Cord Burn 23;27
Night Heron 23;40
Bottom Paint Complete 23:42
Splashing the Boat 24:09
BoatYard Bill 26:03
Georgia Sunset 26:10
Leaving Thunderbolt 26:13

Here's the list.

Rudders - post bearings replaced and "shake" eliminated.
Sail Drive Seal and Zincs - replace.
Sail Drive Boots - replace and secure.
Prop - repair looseness and treat with propspeed.
Underwater lights - replace and ensure water tight seal.
Bottom - pressure wash, sand, bottom paint
Salt water washdown - add to back of boat.
LP gas system - fix leaks.
Sliding glass door - fix lock bolt hole.
Mast cleat - retap and replace.
Master stateroom bed - expand size as wide as possible.
Sailbag - mainsail cradle cover zipper and sailbag is ripped. Expand the bag in back to give it more room for flaking.
Interior cushions - recover.
Isinglass side panel - new one needed.
Window starboard front - Install replacement window from Leopard - 95 x 37.
Water leak - starboard side when rains.
Bow - repair due to getting hit by boat that lost steering.
Spreader wires - secure loose wires.
Radar - troubleshoot and repair - keeps disconnecting while sailing.
Compass light does not work - need replaced.
Rigging tension - check and adjust.
Halyard - replace with new Dyneema.
Parasailor - additional rigging at helm.
Main Sheet blocks - add backing plates and fix gel cracks
Underwater lighting - replace and ensure tight seal.
Antennaes - remove Iridium & Webwatch. relocate Sirius and AIS.



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Master Captain: Stephen Bell
First Officer: Dawn Bell