My First Time Sailing On A TAL [...]
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My First Time Sailing On A TALL SHIP! 🤩⛵️


Location: Russell Boating Club
Latitude: -35.27000000
Longitude: 174.13000000
Published: 28 Jan 2023

My First Time Sailing On A TALL SHIP! 🤩⛵️ (Version 1) | S03E02 Sailing Pivo

VERSION 1 (original storytelling framework):
VERSION 2: (new storytelling framework):
VERSION 3 (new storytelling framework, new intro music, new music at 7 minutes):

In this video, I join Captain Peter and his lovely family for the annual Tall Ship Regatta sailing up in Bay of Islands, New Zealand. I'm also mixing it up this week. Trying new things following the spirit of this video.

I made "Version 1" using the story telling method I have been using to date. I then went and analysed a bunch of videos of big creators, and basically found that observations and reflections closer to the visual story being told is wayyyy more entertaining. Hence "Version 2". Then after release of the video, I found there were distinct drop offs:

1. The intro: I don't think the music matches the mood of the episode.

2. Minute 7: I think the music is possibly too out of alignment with my 55+ audience.

So then I went back and changed the music at those two bits and released "Version 3", and I am curious to see how it impacts retention.

In total, I have released three versions of the story, the first two of which are only available through the links above. I am SUPER curious to hear what everyone thinks in terms of which is more entertaining. And, if you find one to be more entertaining than the other, then I will make a video on that method.

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