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We Spent Christmas In The Hospital🎄


Location: Auckland
Latitude: -36.85000000
Longitude: 174.76000000
Published: 25 Feb 2022

THE END OF THIS TRAGEDY (3rd & Final Brain Surgery 🧠to Replace Dead Skull!) | Fulltime Sailing


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On June 9th, Conor was rushed from Whitianga, New Zealand to the Waikato Hospital in Hamilton for extreme migraines which had been going on for 4 weeks. Immediately upon arrival, they did a CAT scan, which found what appeared to be an 8 cm meningioma (non-cancerous brain tumour) on Conor's right frontal lobe. It was HUGE. He was put on steroids to bring down the brain swelling, and 3 days later, he went into emergency brain surgery (craniotomy) to remove the tumor. A month later, a deadly infection was found in the area where the tumor had been located. The doctors needed to operate immediately to remove the infected material. In the process, they also had to remove a part of his skull that had been killed by the infection. This video covers the time directly after leaving the hospital. More episodes to come covering further surgeries and recovery, but no timeline as of yet, as we are still not out of the woods and time is constrained.


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