2000 Miles To CABO SAN LUCAS C [...]
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Owner: Sailing Sea Dream of Clyde

2000 Miles To CABO SAN LUCAS Complete! | PNW To The Gulf Of California, Mexico


Location: Cabo San Lucas
Latitude: 22.89000000
Longitude: -109.92000000
Published: 2 Jun 2024

Welcome back to Sailing Sea Dream of Clyde! Pardon the slip to every second week for our videos instead of weekly. We’re off the boat and back to work in the PNW, so less time for editing!

In this one, we continue our trip down the coast to Cabo San Lucas. Some 100 miles north of the cape, we encounter an epic concentration of wildlife both in the sky and in the water while crossing over some large banks. With the slow sailing comes mellow swell, so we don’t mind the slow ride to wrap up our west coast adventure from Canada.

Arriving in Cabo San Lucas, we are blown away by the busyness of it all. Seadoos rage, tour boats cruise by almost continuously. Needless to say, our stay here is short! Within 20 hours, we continue around the corner towards the protected waters of the Gulf of California.

Thanks so much for tuning in!

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