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Everything We Dreamed Of & So Much More! Sailing The Gulf of California


Location: La Paz
Latitude: 24.14000000
Longitude: -110.31000000
Published: 29 Jun 2024

At last, the swell is behind us! It was an incredible journey from Canada down the wild west coast of the Pacific Ocean to the protected waters of Mexico's Gulf of California (formerly known at The Sea of Cortes). After about 2000 nautical miles, we have reached our destination! Protected anchorages, beautiful scenery, friendly sea side towns and villages, great fishing, and so much more.

In this one, we round the corner in Bahia De La Paz and finally leave the ocean swell for the first time since San Francisco Bay. We head into La Paz to resupply, do some boat chores, and pick up Kat's brother and his partner, Zia!

We are quick to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and head for the epic Isla Espiritu Santo.

Thanks so much for tuning in!

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