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Owner: Sailing Sea Dream of Clyde

Sailing The Inside Passage on a Catalina 27: Part 1 of 4 | A Dead Engine 100 Miles From Anywhere


Location: Inside Passage
Latitude: 54.80000000
Longitude: -131.44000000
Published: 5 Apr 2022

11 years ago, we sailed the Inside Passage aboard a very bare boned Catalina 27 from Port Hardy, all the way up to Juneau and back. I have posted a video of this trip in the past, but decided to re-edit it to improve the audio and flow of the videos with the (relatively) retro footage I captured.

In this episode, we set sail and enjoy the only downwind sailing we would see all the way to Juneau, Alaska. We visit Butedale, where our primary 9.9 hp outboard engine decides it doesn't want to start. With parts and mechanics several days sail away, we strap on the 2 hp dinghy engine on the back, and carry on north to Bishop Bay.

I hope you enjoy part 1 of this re-edit! This time, the music is from the free YouTube audio library, which did not exist when I first made a video of this trip a decade ago!

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