Solo Sailing Around Ketchikan, [...]
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Owner: Sailing Sea Dream of Clyde

Solo Sailing Around Ketchikan, AK | Ep. 23 | Inside Passage Meanderings & The Arrival of New Crew


Location: Ketchikan
Latitude: 55.34000000
Longitude: -131.65000000
Published: 2 Feb 2023

Back to solo sailing! In most of this one, I meander around the vicinity of Ketchikan, Alaska, for several days as I await the arrival of a new crew mate, my good friend Alex Cebulski.

While singlehanded sailing around the area, I check out a very poorly charted anchorage called Ice House Cove, dodge cruise ships and stubborn sport fishers, think that I am about to get abducted by aliens, then have a fun sail back to Ketchikan. Alex arrives on a sunny calm day, and we set south back towards Canada.

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