Ep. 37 Sailing the Messina Str [...]
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Owner: Sailing SV Cordelia

Ep. 37 Sailing the Messina Straits to Siracuse


Location: Metropolitan City of Messina
Latitude: 38.19000000
Longitude: 15.55000000
Published: 3 Dec 2020

We are sailing to Siracusa Sicily Italy to meet friends. We pick a calm day to sail through the Messina Straits and anchor overnight in the pretty anchorage overlooking Naxos and Mount Etna that looks to be forever on the point of eruption. We have to contact the port officer in Siracusa Bay in order to gain approval to anchor. With his agreement we anchor late at night and await instructions that we are allowed ashore, due to the coronavirus we have to complete paperwork and get the official approval before we can step foot on land.

As we were waiting so long for the approval, our friends who live in Siracusa decided they would come out and see us at anchor. We had an amazing lunch they bought with them of Aracini, a fabulous tasty volcanic shaped delicacy from Sicily Italy.

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We are Steve and Annette. We have been together since we were 15years old and believe me that was many years ago. We have 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Steve used to be a Marina Hoist Operator in charge of yacht lifting operations. He dealt with super yachts, the likes of the J Class yacht's and Oyster Super Yachts and a multitude of other large sailing vessels up to 200tonne as well as the smaller yachts like Cordelia.

Annette was an Operations Manager & Bookkeeper at a marketing company LCM https://www.lcm.co.uk and continues to part-time bookkeep whilst sailing.

We had been planning our cruising life for over 10years and finally at the age of 55 decided that the time was right for us to let the lines go and start living our dream. We love to see new places and enjoy the different cultures of each country. Our long-term plan is to just enjoy it whilst we can, see as many places as we can and share this dream with those you who are interested in watching and joining us.