Sailing San Diego to Cabo with [...]
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Owner: Sailing SV Indigo

Sailing San Diego to Cabo with the Baja Haha - Part 1


Location: San Diego
Latitude: 32.72000000
Longitude: -117.16000000
Published: 18 Mar 2023

We join new friends, Peter and Nicky, aboard their boat, SV Resolute, to sail from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas with the Baja Haha flotilla. And, yes, we’re visited by orcas (killer whales) and UFOs while sailing down the coast of Baja California. Part 1 of 2.

Music in this video:

Spain on Mars by Tellsonic, Epidemic Sound
Bull Chase by Elliot Holmes, Epidemic Sound
Olas Banadas de Sol by Raz Burg, Art-list
Race Ready by Starsky, Art-list
Tijuana Sunrise by Little Island Leap, Epidemic Sound
Work Undone by Pearce Roswell, Epidemic Sound
Good Ol' Mexican Tequila by Autohacker, Epidemic Sound
Fine Revelation by Walt Adams, Epidemic Sound
Sosso by Magnus Ludvigsson, Art-list
Cars of Guadalajara by Journey, Art-list

Special thanks to SV Resolute for inviting us aboard for the adventure! Follow Resolute on Instagram @sail_resolute.