Sailing to 4 Wineries on Vanco [...]
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Owner: Sailing SV Indigo

Sailing to 4 Wineries on Vancouver Island, BC


Location: Saanich
Latitude: 48.45000000
Longitude: -123.38000000
Published: 28 Jul 2023

After sailing BC's Gulf Islands for almost a month, it's time for a little shore leave. We anchor in Tod Inlet on Vancouver Island's Saanich Peninsula and tour four local wineries, each just a short distance from our anchorage. Highlights include Deep Cove Winery, Rathjen Cellars, Symphony Vineyard, and Church and State Wines.

Music in this video:
Cotton and Strangers by Candelion, Epidemic Sound
The Crossroads by Lindsey Abraham, Epidemic Sound
Sons and Daughters by Nickolas Jones, Epidemic Sound

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