Episode 7 - The Ladder of Koto [...]
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Episode 7 - The Ladder of Kotor, Budva, Bar and leaving Montenegro


Location: Budva
Latitude: 42.29000000
Longitude: 18.84000000
Published: 21 Oct 2019

Not sure what happened to the first upload but all fixed now.

It's raining again! But using the fresh water in the dingy I managed to do the laundry.
We walked the ladder of Kotor 12.8km's and an assent of 940 meters, it was described as a never ending set of demoralizing switchbacks and I can concur that description is correct. But the sunny side was the party atmosphere on the descent at the little house where some kind of white liquor was being freely shared among those who stopped.
We moved onto Risan taking us past Our lady of the Rocks. Risan we visited 6th century Roman mosaics inspiring the boys to create there own from stones on the beach.
Leaving the Bay of Kotor we headed down the coast to Budva then onto Bar. Finally we say goodbye to Montenegro and dolphins escort our departure.

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