I'm stepping out! Not like the [...]
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Owner: SY Sirius

I'm stepping out! Not like the ELO song, but I am "stepping out" to help steer the boat - Episode 37


Location: Middelharnis
Latitude: 51.75000000
Longitude: 4.16000000
Published: 15 Oct 2021

I'm stepping out ! Not like the ELO song, but litterally. I am "Stepping out" or actually "hanging out" to help steer the boat to make a tight turn. 2 lovely sails across the Haringvliet to get to Middelharin and Stellendam. We have lunch in the rain and diner in a lovely restaurant where we had too much to eat.

To learn a little bit more about the Delta Works and the Haringvlietdam that is part of it:

MUSIC in this episode:
Beginning - Megan Wofford
Infinity - Bluma Petersen
Sunday Smile - Bireli Snow
Won't You Stay - The Eastern Plain

We are Rob and Jouke and together with our cat Tijger we sail the beautiful waters of the Netherlands.
We visit beautifull places and tell you all about the history and other interesting things.
Dispite the fact that we have no tropical climate in Holland, it is still very beautiful.

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Music INTRO: A Pale Horse – Wilsohn