Is it safe to have Rob handle [...]
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Owner: SY Sirius

Is it safe to have Rob handle the tools? Fixing leaky windows and creating a whiteboard - Episode 39


Location: Hellevoetsluis
Latitude: 51.83000000
Longitude: 4.13000000
Published: 5 Nov 2021

How we repare leaky windows and make a whole new whiteboard.
In this episode we show you a number of boat chores we did earlier in the season. We had two leaky windows to fix and a whole new whiteboard to paint.
I collected the footage and made it into a whole busy episode. So sit back , relax and let us do the hard work!

MUSIC in this episode:
A Better One - Nickolas Jones
The Darker the Sky - April Moon
Valentine - Alexander Valentine
Weather Any Storm - Cody Francis

We are Rob and Jouke and together with our cat Tijger we sail the beautiful waters of the Netherlands.
We visit beautifull places and tell you all about the history and other interesting things.
Dispite the fact that we have no tropical climate in Holland, it is still very beautiful.

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Music INTRO: A Pale Horse – Wilsohn