How quickly things change at a [...]
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How quickly things change at anchor. #shorts #sailing #bahamas


Location: Exuma
Latitude: 23.62000000
Longitude: -75.97000000
Published: 28 Aug 2022

While the weather is mostly beautiful in the Bahamas, things can quickly change. In this #short we experience a small low pressure system in Exumas.

No new Episode today, we're traveling and preparing for Captain's Hour this Thursday!! 🎉🎉

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Captain’s hour is a 60-minute video call where we welcome you aboard Cadence (virtually). It’s a friendly two-way discussion with us (Matt and Nancy, maybe Olivia). At this Captain’s hour, we will be discussing future plans, a lesson learned from the sea, and any questions that are submitted – including yours!

See YOU Soon!

PICS: The pictures in this post are Cadence at anchor in Stocking Harbor and at sea (in our next episode, no.137).
#sailing #sailinglife #shorts #bahamas