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Sailing to the Naval Shipyard, Fort Monroe, and Phoebus (Ep.99) | The Foster Journey


Location: Hampton
Latitude: 37.03000000
Longitude: -76.35000000
Published: 5 Dec 2021

Sailing to one of the world's largest Navy Shipyards, and onward to Fort Monroe and Hampton, Virginia - specifically, Mill Creek and Phoebus. This adventure was a interesting collection of river, bay, US Navy shipyards, lovely anchorage, and old towne feel. Hope you enjoy!
SV Cadence

00:00 Intro
01:00 Leaving Great Bridge
01:40 Offshore Sailing Plans to Block Island
02:02 River Lock and Bridges to Norfolk, VA
03:57 The Naval Shipyard in Norfolk
05:20 Sailing through the Naval Shiypard
08:53 Grilling While Underway and Mill Creek (Phoebus) Anchorage
10:30 How Mother Nature Changes Things
12:49 Fort Monroe and Old Town Phoebus

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