Gale Force Winds and Major Tro [...]
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Owner: Alluring Arctic Sailing

Gale Force Winds and Major Trouble While Sailing to Alaska.


Location: Ketchikan
Latitude: 55.34000000
Longitude: -131.65000000
Published: 6 May 2023

We did make it to Alaska! Southeast Alaska at least ;) And I got fired and will now be making these videos full-time (check the end of the video for a bit more info). And I just realised that the last segment about me quitting the translation work (at least for now) might have sounded a bit gloomy, but I didn't mean it like that, I think it has been a good change for me and I can always try and get new translation clients if I want to. But right now I want to delve deeper into this video thing! And that wouldn't be possible without all of you watching these videos, so thank you!

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