WATCH THIS Before Buying Saili [...]
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Owner: Alluring Arctic Sailing

WATCH THIS Before Buying Sailing Clothes!


Location: Iceland
Latitude: 64.96000000
Longitude: -19.02000000
Published: 7 May 2022

This time we delve into sailing clothes. You asked for it, you got it! This is one of my most requested videos and after a few years up in the north I hope I have something useful to share. Have other good ideas or tricks about clothing? Share them in the comments!

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00:00 Intro: What?
00:30 Merino base layers: potential expensive mistake!
03:10 Things you didn't know about merino
07:01(Hand-made) socks
08:59 Mid-layer, save your money here?
13:53 THE one sailing specific item to get
17:28 Staying warm
22:25 (Non-sailing) jackets
28:12 Gloves, no perfect solution
32:19 Boots with removable liners
34:22 Hats!
35:09 Conclusion & keep this in mind

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