Preparing to Move Our Hurrican [...]
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Preparing to Move Our Hurricane Damaged Boat (S2 E5)


Location: San Juan
Latitude: 18.47000000
Longitude: -66.11000000
Published: 22 May 2020

We will have to move our hurricane damaged boat at some point! And hopefully if all goes well it will be back towards the Cayman Islands. Just shy of 1000nm from San Juan, Puerto Rico.
When deciding to move our boat this far there are many things we have to consider. Especially because we are a hurricane damaged boat!
We have decided to put the cosmetics on the back burner and focus on more structural, engine, and steering repairs.
There is still plenty to do, everyday we are making progress!
We have been asked many times if our boat was damaged in the same area as Parlay Revival ... the answer is yes and if you watch their first episode you may be able to spot her in some of their awesome drone footage! (You have to look very closely!)

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