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Owner: Dreamtimesail

Discover The Untouched Beauty Of Remote Indonesian Islands On Dreamtime Sail - Ep Premieres Friday


Location: Buru
Latitude: -3.39000000
Longitude: 126.78000000
Published: 11 Mar 2024

On @Dreamtimesail we continue our explorations sailing our classic Whitby 42 Ketch through extremely remote areas of Indonesia and are amazed as each and every stop provides new adventures with extremely friendly locals and incredible sights to see above and below the water. We thought the north coast of the island of Seram had provided it all but then the surprises continued as we had a cracking sail onto an unexpected gem of an anchorage in a coral lagoon at a tiny village on Pulau Minipa. Here a planned overnight stay got stretched to spend time with the locals and enjoy some glorious snorkelling amongst the myriads of tropical fish and very healthy coral.

Then we had another spirited sail across to the city of Namlea on Buru Island. Who says there’s no wind in Indonesia? We’ve found plenty so far.