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THE ONLY TRUE HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, Komodo National Park – Click to Watch Our Ultimate Guide


Location: Komodo National Park
Latitude: -8.53000000
Longitude: 119.48000000
Published: 7 Jun 2024

THE ONLY TRUE HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, Komodo National Park Indonesia – Our Ultimate Guide S4 – Episode 96
There is only one, true house of the dragon on this planet and it’s located in Indonesia’s Komodo National Park.
On these stunning volcanic islands survivors of the dinosaur age still live and thrive.
We first walked amongst the Komodo Dragons back in 2010 when we sailed here on the Panisi Umbah Puti and now in 2023 we were back on Our Dreamtime and keen to see one of the earth’s rarest animals once more.
But Komodo National Park holds many other treasures including breath taking views from Padar Island, the stunning red coral infused Pink Beach, and amazing underwater life where you can drift along with huge Manta Rays, Turtles and prolific fish life. We even found Nemo. Join us as we set out to experience it all.

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