BACK TO SAIL LIFE 🤯 Not What W [...]
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BACK TO SAIL LIFE 🤯 Not What We Expected | Boat Life & Sailing Montenegro


Location: Montenegro
Latitude: 42.71000000
Longitude: 19.37000000
Published: 21 Jun 2022

BACK to our sail life, join us in this boat life episode where we are welcomed by dolphins within 5 minutes. We are so grateful to be back to our sailing life and being a sailing family again. Although we have to be honest, with no to a little wind it's not that much of a sailing life vlog. But we accepted it and being welcomed back to the sea by dolphins, watching and admiring these beautiful creatures feels like coming home. We left Porto Montenegro marina to sailing the coastline Montenegro and found this beautiful anchor spot. So welcome on board and enjoy the Montenegrin coast and explore Montenegro with us - a peek into our lives onboard.

Episode #103
⏱ Timestamps
00:00 Intro
02:12 Let’s go sailing Montenegro
02:57 Welcomed by dolphins in sailing life
03:59 Facts about the dolphins in Montenegro | Montenegro dolphin research
07:10 Little to no wind, so no sailing but that's boat life
09:16 The insanely beautiful Montenegro coastline
15:12 Do some sailing Montenegro
16:54 Arza Fortress
21:16 Manifestation | manifest your dreamlife for us sailing life
23:49 Ending of a perfect boat life day | Happy to be back on the boat
25:18 Sneak peek next episode

Thanks for watching, we really appreciate you following our journey every step of the way!

Benjamin, Rianne & Gerben

Feel the Breeze family | a business coupe exploring the world with their kid

Filming: Rianne & Gerben
Editing: Pedro Wessels
Music: Epidemic Sounds -

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