We thought we'd slow down over [...]
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We thought we'd slow down over Winter 😂 - Free Range Homestead Ep 49


Location: Manjimup
Latitude: -34.24000000
Longitude: 116.15000000
Published: 17 Aug 2023

Join us for frosty adventures on the Ramshackle Ranch this week as we tackle things we just didn't have time to do over the busy Autumn months. We also welcome some new additions to the homestead so make sure you stay tuned to the end!
#homestead #preserving #meatrabbits

00:00 Frosty mornings on the farm
03:00 Making, bottling and preserving tomato passata
11:05 Chainsaw time. Felling our massive gum trees on pasture.
15:05 A Winter Harvest
17:27 New additions
21:48 Tree felling wrap up and pasture update

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