Hiking with kids to Sturgeon F [...]
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Hiking with kids to Sturgeon Falls: Making Memories in the Outdoors


Location: Nutimik Lake
Latitude: 50.14000000
Longitude: -95.69000000
Published: 21 Apr 2023

Join us on a beautiful hike to Sturgeon Falls, Manitoba, where i get to once again try hiking with kids, we explore the scenic natural beauty of the area with our family. With my girlfriend and step daughter by my side, we venture through lush forests, rocky terrain, and stunning vistas to reach the breathtaking rapids.

As we reach Sturgeon Falls, we're awed by the powerful rush of water and stunning views of the surrounding landscape. We take time to relax, briefly make the kiddo the governor of her own tiny island, and bask in the beauty of our surroundings before making our way back through the picturesque trail.

Join us on this incredible journey, as we hike to Sturgeon Falls and make unforgettable memories as a family.

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