FINDING $4,250!! + crazy surf [...]
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FINDING $4,250!! + crazy surf rescue caught on our drone... (Episode 185)


Location: Costa Rica
Latitude: 9.75000000
Longitude: -83.75000000
Published: 4 Dec 2022

In this episode I make a crazy discovery which has me walking away with over $4k cash! But we then sail to Witches rock, Costa Rica, where one of our crew has a very scary incident in the surf, which was a sturdy reminder for all of us to NEVER underestimate the sheer power of the ocean.

SV Parlay is a hurricane damaged Lagoon 450 catamaran, which Colin rebuilt with friends and has started sailing around the world. They found bulkhead damage on their catamaran in Panama, so have fixed her up, and are almost ready to cross the Pacific Ocean!!

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