We Found A Giant Sink Hole in [...]
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We Found A Giant Sink Hole in the Bahamas 😱


Location: The Bahamas
Latitude: 25.03000000
Longitude: -77.40000000
Published: 14 Aug 2023

Best Diving Spot in the Bahamas: We’ve stumbled upon a Huge Sink Hole in the Bahamas. We’re remote.. we’re alone.. off-grid.. and you wont believe what we find inside when we dive into the deep!

REAL LIFE aboard our 46ft Yacht in the BAHAMAS! This is our first time sailing a catamaran by ourselves and our first time sailing in this BEAUTIFUL country onboard a Lagoon 46 with 'Navigare Yachting'.
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0:00 Boat Life in the Bahamas
0:50 Finding Blue Holes in the Bahamas
1:53 Sailing to Little Harbour Bay
3:29 Blue Hole in the Bahamas
4:10 Navigation Equipment onboard our boat
6:37 Anchoring off Little Harbour Bay
8:40 The adventure begins
12:17 Diving in the blue hole
12:50 How do Blue Holes form
13:02 Deans Blue Hole, Long Island
13:45 Freediving the Bahamas
16:07 Little Harbour Bay, Pete's Pub
16:50 Meeting Pete Johnston, Little Harbour Bay
19:14 Pete's Pub, Little Harbour Bay

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John and Kristina purchased a 50ft Jeanneau Sun Odyssey with just a few weeks sailing experience. They set sail from Melbourne and travelled up the East Coast of Australia to the Great Barrier Reef, and have since sailed in Greece and now the Bahamas!

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