The Curacao You Won't Find by [...]
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The Curacao You Won't Find by Staying at a Resort - Episode 43


Location: Curacao
Latitude: 12.12000000
Longitude: -68.88000000
Published: 26 Sep 2021

To really know a place, you first have to know the people. Lucky for us, our friends Steve and Denyse in Curacao were keen to show us around and introduce us to parts of Curacao we would have never seen on our own. From hidden bars, to iguana cookouts, to off-road adventures, they gave us an unforgettable experience. Although we were loving our time in Curacao, we were ready to sail again, so we snuck in one last scuba dive before preparing for our next big passage.

We hope you enjoy this episode and we look forward to sharing our future sailing adventures with you!

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