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Owner: The Sailing Adventures of Captain Svetlana

Fires rage in northern Corfu | sailing to Corfu part 5 | S3 E16


Location: Kassiopi
Latitude: 39.79000000
Longitude: 19.92000000
Published: 9 Sep 2023

Still waiting for our furler parts we head in to Kassiopi to fill our water tanks. We were originally planning to stay overnight but ended up staying for three nights.

It was a surreal feeling watching everyone carrying on business as usual while fires were raging on the hillside above the town.

After three days we were out of time. Bad weather imminent and still no furler parts, we head south to Gouvier and anchor in the bay outside the marina to wait out the high winds.

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00:00 Previously
00:32 Intro
00:58 Booked into Kassiopi
04:31 Beggar goes ashore
05:04 Herman the harbour master
08:06 Breaking news
10:07 fires rage day 2
14:05 fires rage day 3
17:03 we leave to head south
18:39 Thanks for watching