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King Neptune Hates Party Fouls - Ep. 136


Location: Maldive Islands
Latitude: 3.25000000
Longitude: 73.00000000
Published: 4 Apr 2020

Crossing the equator is always a special occasion and on our last passage in the Maldives, we crossed for the 3rd time on our circumnavigation. Unfortunately, this time didn't go quite as smoothy as the first two. We just may have accidentally spilled champagne everywhere as crossed AND it was the middle of the night. Worried about King Neptune being upset over our party foul, we made sure to give him an extra big toast!

Other than that mishap, this was about as easy as passages get. The wind in the Maldives is practically non-existent so we sailed when we could thanks to the numerous squalls. Otherwise, our engines got a good workout as we made our way South to Gan, where we would officially clear out of the Maldives

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(Footage from May 2019)

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