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Exploring Sri Lanka's Cultural Triangle - Ep. 127


Location: Sri Lanka
Latitude: 7.87000000
Longitude: 80.77000000
Published: 6 Nov 2019

Cruising as we're used to isn't really allowed in Sri Lanka as there are very limited ports you can stop at. Instead, we decided to use Trincomalee as a base to explore inland, something we rarely get to do!

With our friends Kimi and Trevor from s/v Slow Flight, we set off on an incredible tour of this beautiful country. Our first day was spent in the ancient city of Anuradhapura, seeing a sacred Buddhist temple and our first Stupa. That by itself would have been a lot, but Kimi REALLY wanted to see elephants, and with Minneriya National Park close by, we hired a Jeep and went off on a mini-safari.

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(Footage from March 2019)

We've got lots more details on our time in the Cultural Triangle on our blog!

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