I'm sorry! I may have the WRO [...]
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Owner: Pacific Solo

I'm sorry! I may have the WRONG BOAT!


Location: Beppu
Latitude: 33.28000000
Longitude: 131.49000000
Published: 11 Jan 2023

I have no regrets about buying Wahine four years ago, She has been my home on the water, classroom, studio, laboratory, think tank, and refuge. We have sailed over 3000 kilometers visiting over 60 ports. It has been a pure delight to see much of the same coastline from the sea that I previously enjoyed from a bicycle saddle I have learned a lot, not least about myself. One of those things is wondering about my hesitancy. I have nervously left port many times with safety-related niggles not to mention the frustration over legal issues. Wahine is a project boat, and still is, and my lack of DIY skills is certainly an impediment. I knew that when I became her guardian. As I entered the new year, I reflected on these things and asked myself, what are the key issues I need in a boat that will help me overcome my hesitancies to leave port and feel safe and confident leaving port for the open Ocean. My conclusion is I need a turnkey boat not a project boat, a foreign boat rather than a JP vessel.

I have no idea how all this is going to work out. But here goes.

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