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Yes, we have MOUNTAIN BIKES on our Sailboat | Angel Island | Sailing Avocet


Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Latitude: 37.83000000
Longitude: -122.29000000
Published: 7 Jan 2023

Angel Island is the largest natural island in the San Francisco Bay, and has had many different roles in the past. From it's 100 years of military operations to its time as an immigration station, Angel Island has a lot of history to offer visitors in addition to the unmatched views of the entire Bay Area. Chris and I even had the opportunity to pull our mountain bikes out and ride around the perimeter of the island! We hope you enjoy this one, and if you are craving more info check out our blog post over on our website

Interested in a particular segment? Check it out:
00:00 - 0:38 Recap
00:38 - 1:30 Ayala Cove Details
01:30 - 4:14 Angel Island History
04:14 - 7:02 Hiking Mount Livermore
07:02 - 15:04 Biking the Perimeter Trail
15:04 - 17:09 Leaving Angel Island
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