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E10 Buyers Broker Analysis. Guided Tour of a 2016 Lagoon 42


Location: Fort Lauderdale
Latitude: 26.12000000
Longitude: -80.14000000
Published: 24 May 2020

Gary Fretz takes us aboard a 2016 Lagoon 42.
We discuss Navigation, Market Prices and much more!
A Buyer's Broker works only on behalf of the buyer. Gary brings decades of experience in catamaran sales, chartering and buying.
Thank you for your insights Gary!
Check out Gary's channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/1boataholic
and his website: largecatamaransforsale.com

Our opening and closing song is Who We Are by Miah
Check out his band NINETEEN EIGHTY SEVEN! They are awesome

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