Gulf of Mexico, Sailing from F [...]
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Gulf of Mexico, Sailing from Freeport to Galveston Texas


Location: Gulf of Mexico
Latitude: 25.30000000
Longitude: -90.07000000
Published: 29 Nov 2020

The Gulf of Mexico is known to be a confused and shallow sea, but we found nice 4-8 foot swells and gentle wind while sailing the Gulf of Mexico from Freeport to Galveston Texas. It's only our second time in the Gulf, but we're starting to get a hang of sailing along the Texas Coastline.

Cadence is our sailboat, a Catalina 387, and she handled the sail nicely. Sure, a 52 foot Amel would probably felt like slicing butter, but our tiny home sailed just fine for us on this sail from Freeport to Galveston. We look forward to travelling further with her as our confidence grows!

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