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E16 Charleston SC is Beautiful, Quiet, Serene. Leaving at Sunrise. Bahamas Express


Location: Charleston
Latitude: 32.78000000
Longitude: -79.93000000
Published: 5 Jul 2020

We stopped for a couple of nights at Charleston South Carolina at Tolers Cove Marina. They have a nice, new clean shower. So new there were no hanger locations for towels and clothes.

We started out early the next morning to squeeze out of our tight little marina and continue down the coast to St Augustine Florida

Our passage back to the ocean is peaceful and, other than a couple of elusive dolphins, uneventful... I sat the camera on the coach roof to catch a typical transit out of the marina, down the river, and out to the ocean. I did this a few times on this trip. I love seeing this type of video, but I don't see many channels doing this. There's probably good reason. Let us know in the comments below if you'd like to see more of this, if you like it sped up or if you'd like to see it play out at regular speed. Lisa and I are considering setting up a second channel just to run ambient video where the camera just runs for a while. Maybe we'll put them on this channel and label them as ambient and where they were taken...Anybody interested?

How many dolphins did you see in the river? I'm guessing more than me.

Our opening and closing song is Who We Are by Miah
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Date: October 28, 2019
Location: Charleston, SC

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