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E5 Short People Problems Walkthrough Tour of Leopard 40 Catamaran Sailboat


Location: Fort Lauderdale
Latitude: 26.12000000
Longitude: -80.14000000
Published: 19 Apr 2020

After an unintentionally long hiatus, we've finally started to catch up on video production!
Life has an annoying habit of getting in the way of dreams, but we are determined to realize our dreams of a liveaboard life
We are very happy to begin posting anew today, and fully intend to post every Sunday as long as we have content to post.

Please enjoy this series of the Leopard Catamaran Open House! We had a lot of fun crawling all over these beautiful yachts.

We also learned a great deal from the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show..
We learned that the Roxant stabilizer paired with our very nice DSLR camera was a useless combination for the type of filming we are doing!
So, for this series, we purchased a Vimble 2 (cellphone gimble) and filmed everything on our iphones (7 and 8).
While the video was ok, the audio left a lot to be desired. Also, the phones began to heat up in the hot July Florida sun as the filming went on, causing weird glitches, and the gimble got tired.

We've since upgraded, and we've fixed up the audio as best we can in post.

Our intro/outro music is 'Who We Are' by NINETEEN EIGHTY FOUR
Check out their music. It is really beautiful. Miah is a great writer!

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