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Owner: Sailing Dark Angel

E6 5 Foot Fk All Walkthrough Tour of Leopard 45 Catamaran Sailboat


Location: Fort Lauderdale
Latitude: 26.12000000
Longitude: -80.14000000
Published: 26 Apr 2020

After being blown away by the Leopard 40, we jumped aboard the Leopard 45, prepared to be even more impressed!
There are a lot of things we love about the 45, but there were a couple of odd disappointments.
Leopard is amazingly responsive to their owners and charterers (is that a word?), and the very few things that we saw as a disappointment have been changed!
Second in the Leopard open house series. If you missed the first one, check it out here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1WO9vPUpgc
Leopard makes some beautiful cats, and their Fort Lauderdale reps are awesome... thanks again for inviting us to this event!

Our opening and closing song is 'Who We Are' by Miah
Check out his band NINETEEN EIGHTY SEVEN! They are awesome

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