Chartering a Catamaran in the [...]
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Owner: Sailing Doodles

Chartering a Catamaran in the British Virgin Islands


Location: British Virgin Islands
Latitude: 18.42000000
Longitude: -64.64000000
Published: 19 Feb 2023

We spent the night on a mooring in the bay of Virgin Gorda in front of the Saba Rock Resort next to the Bitter End Yacht Club. The ladies put on their bikinis and We put up the sails and get off the mooring to do some down wind sailing to Tortola and Trellis bay which is home of the full moon party in the British Virgin Islands.

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0:00 intro
0:21 Mooring field at Saba Rock
1:00 putting up the main sail
2:30 hauling out the Genoa
3:26 Sailing in Bikinis
4:55 Arriving to Trellis Bay
6:02 Going ashore
7:30 Aragorn's Studio
8:42 Full Moon Party
9:35 Sunset on the boat
11:20 Night out on loand
13:00 Flotilla Announcement